Hi, Mike here! I’ve created this site to help anyone wanting to start their journey to creating financial freedom and achieve their dreams. I sincerely believe that life is too short not to shoot for the stars and have confidence in going for what you want in life.

Going through financial hardship in my late teens and early twenties only solidified my ambition of achieving better financial health and to have money to grow for the future. Now I’ve been without it, I most definitely want to have more, so I never have to be without again. Now in my mid-thirties, I’m on the road to success, but having been through the hard times, I can relate to those going through similar situations. Maybe you’ve fallen on hard times or maybe you just want to start planning for the future. I’ll feel immense satisfaction and well being if I can help just one person to take control of their finances and get on the road to the prosperous life they desire. If I help you in some way (any way), please share let me know about it… I’d love to hear that I’m making a difference, no matter how small.

For me it’s both the freedom and the security aspects I’m shooting for. If I can have my money working for me so I don’t have to and know that I have enough investments to weather any crash in the markets or economy, then my job is done (oh and don’t forget about some spending money on the side!)

When I finally made the decision to COMMIT to changing my financial situation for the rest of my life, I started reading as much information as I could. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki which really opened my eyes. Here’s a great (if a bit dated now!) YouTube video of the Oprah show where Robert Kiyosaaki talks about Rich Dad Poor Dad and explains what it’s all about. Well worth reading the book too!

Here’s that video:

I also read Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill and watched tons of motivational videos. Learning how to set and achieve goals is paramount if you want to achieve your desired outcome on this journey. I can recommend some more motivational videos to help you become committed to your new goal.

So, I hope you find this site useful and if there’s anything you feel I could be doing better or anything you think I should include here then please do leave me a message or email direct at start your wealth [at] gmail .com (without the spaces). I look forward to hearing from you.

All the very best with your goals and future wealth!



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