Pay Off Credit Card Debt Quickly

So if you’ve been having a good time, travelling to nice places, buying nice gifts for loved ones and racking up some serious retail therapy on the credit card, you’re now sitting back reminiscing about how great a time you’ve had when the credit card statement comes through… Wow! “That’s more than I was expecting” you think to yourself. “I need to start paying this off and pretty darn quickly too, before the other half finds out what I’ve done!”

The other take on this is someone working a low paid job, struggling to make ends meet and being swamped by never ending bills to pay and final demand letters. An emergency crops up that requires more money to be spent and another payment taken from the credit card. Before long the credit card its maxed out after a couple more birthdays roll by where the credit card takes the strain and there’s nowhere left to turn.

Both of these stories are extremely common. People are using credit cards and other forms of credit (loans and overdrafts etc) to pay for their lifestyle. Be it an indulgent one or simply to make ends meet. The upshot is a whacking great credit card bill, which needs to be paid off.

Well, I’ve covered how to eliminate debt in a previous post (definitely recommended reading by the way) and so this follows on, specifically dealing with credit card debt.